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Liberty Screening Client Access

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By logging in with my secure credentials, I acknowledge receipt of the Notice to Users of Consumer Reports and the Summary of Consumer Rights as prescribed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. By ordering a consumer employment screening report from Liberty, I certify I have complied with the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 604(b)(2) and comparable state laws, as applicable, requiring disclosure and authorization by the consumer.

For more information on employer's obligations for the use of  consumer employment screening reports, please review the Federal Trade Commission's Publication: What Employers Need to Know.

More information on Federal and State Laws.

Access to our previous platform below is ENDING SOON.
Since February 01, 2020 you are no longer be able to create new, or add to past candidates reports using the login below.

All new requests should be placed in the "Enterprise" platform,
by using the Enterprise platform login to the right.>>>>

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