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Liberty's Technology

Fast, Easy, Accurate and Secure

Secure Technology SystemsLiberty's internal software is custom-designed so we can marry your company's needs with the most secure and reliable solutions available. Always conscious of integration costs, we identify and manage cost effective solutions that minimize costly overhead.

Liberty Screening Services is a fully supported Microsoft Partner. Our systems are fully web-enabled. Liberty utilizes the latest technologies from Microsoft.

XML - The leading method of data communication between servers over the global internet.

XSL Style Sheets - Allow for custom reporting of clients' data in a user-friendly format.

Exchange Server - Automated email notification of a change in candidate status.

SQL Server - The most-efficient database engine for quick access to data.

Co-location - Promotes network load-balancing and redundancy.

Internet Security Accelerators - Provide security and intrusion protection.

Supported Electronic Data Exchange Formats - Include Biz-Talk, XML, HR-XML, HTTPS, and SFTP.