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Social Security Validation Trace Tool

Identity Verification (IDV) and Address Trace Report

social security number validationWhy perform this search?

The easiest way for a candidate to hide a criminal conviction is to not divulge to you all the places that they have lived and worked. By omitting those locations where a crime was committed the employer has no way to discover their criminal record without performing an IDV and Address Trace search. By accessing national credit databases, the name, and all alias names, associated with an applicant’s Social Security Number are verified. Also, the applicant’s names and previous addresses are cross-referenced with other data for possible inconsistencies in the candidate’s application. Our IDV and Address Trace Report provides you with a comprehensive search, and leaves no stone unturned.

What Information is obtained?

The IDV and Address Trace Report uses the applicant’s full name to generate a list of all known alias names (AKA) and any maiden names the applicant may have had. It also generates a complete history of where your applicant has lived and the amount of time they resided at each address.

In addition, our IDV and Address Trace Report is also able to determine if the Social Security Number and year of birth provided by the applicant are valid. The report can determine the state and approximate date of issuance of the Social Security Number. We then run the Social Security Number through the Death Master Index to insure the Social Security Number provided has not been previously issued to a deceased individual.