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Liberty Enterprise Screening Application™

Liberty's Proprietary Background Check Software for Preparing Candidate Screening

Based on Quick and Easy Data Entry Functions

L.E.S.A is a web-based program that's accessible through the Liberty Screening Services website. L.E.S.A. features online information submission and reporting.

EASY Step-by-Step program

Requests are processed in real-time with no delays.

  1. Login securely from the Liberty Screening Services homepage
  2. Mobile Access from all devices
  3. Choose options on the candidate menu screen
  4. Input – submit data as needed

Special Features

Instant email report feature - Receive instant e-mail notification when reports are available for viewing and printing.

Real-time report viewing - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Color-coded indicators - At-a-glance color indicators help to quickly point out applicant status. Problem applicants appear in red, applicants that are ready to hire are coded green.

Customer dispositions - Enables you to track and store candidate’s' eligibility status and hire status with a time and date stamp. Efficiently tracks hiring decisions and automatically shares those decisions with all recruiters. Effectively generates hiring and eligibility history.

Customized billing - Invoices can be summarized into sub-accounts by location, user, department or any other criteria that you need. Invoices are provided either electronically or in paper format.

Multiple users - Allows for an unlimited amount of users with password protection to access the ordering account while maintaining the security of tracking reports ordered by each specific user.

Information Reporting

L.E.S.A. allows you to view results of drug tests and criminal background checks online. The application provides customized, confidential reports. Results are emailed in real-time.

Customized report packages - Streamlines the order process with reports you select by position or facility.

Instant reports availability - Speeds hiring decisions along by providing most reports instantaenously .

Duplicate order check system - Prevents duplicate orders on applicants.

Batch ordering - Electronically submit a file with multiple applicants. Generate multiple reports to eliminate manual ordering.

Order Options - Send your applicant’s release and authorization forms to our toll-free fax service.

Self-Supporting Software

Client IT support is not required with L.E.S.A. The application is fully supported by Liberty’s IT staff.