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Instant Searches - Criminal Records

Quick Check National™ Search

What Information is obtained?

Liberty's Quick Check National™ search provides you with an instant online background check utilizing our database of over 300 million criminal records and sex offender records.

Quick Check National™ data includes:

Our Quick Check National™ database is updated monthly.

Why perform an instant criminal records database search?

Results are returned in moments when requesting a Quick Check™ search. You will have results instantly allowing you to make critical hiring decisions fast. It saves you time and money! Due to the variety of criminal records reported, you will uncover criminal records that may not be found using other criminal databases.

Quick Check National Alias™ Search

What Information is obtained?

Liberty's Quick Check National Alias™ is the most comprehensive instant background check database search available.

How is it different from the Quick Check National™?

Quick Check National Alias™ compares the social security number you input against data from the credit bureaus, and determines every name that your candidate has ever been known by (AKA's), it then runs a Quick Check National™ search on each name found. The results of all the Quick Check National™ searches are compiled into one easy to read report.

Although these searches are FCRA Compliant, these products are best used as a tool to weed out undesirable candidates instantly before delving further into their criminal background.