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Credit Report Search

Credit Report for Employment Purposes

Why perform this Search?

Credit Report for EmploymentA Credit Report is critical for any prospective employee whose job requires them to have access to your company’s cash, bank account information, inventory or property. A Credit Report is not just reflection of how an applicant spends money, but how responsible they are with finances. Any applicant with check-writing privileges or access to company accounts should have a Credit Report done prior to employment to determine their level of reliability.

What information is obtained?

Liberty’s Credit Report provides a summary of past credit histories. National credit data is used to establish the applicant's current credit status. This summary of the applicant's information includes total current debt, number of accounts active and number of accounts closed. Our Credit Report also provides the summarized amounts owed on any installment loan accounts as well as any mortgages. Further detail of special interest to our clients includes number of accounts past due, collection accounts, number of accounts charged off, and a summary of payment history for the past seven years into 30, 60, 90-180 Delinquency buckets.

See: Glossary of Credit Report Terms