Lansing Catholic High School to Drug Test All Students, Faculty and Staff

Lansing Catholic High will be the first in the state of Illinois to drug test all students, faculty, teachers, staff and coaches. The purpose, says the principal, is to prevent drug use.

The school hasn’t reported an increase in drug use, but are hoping to continue to guide their students toward making the right decisions.

Principal Thomas Maloney said, “I think all high school students, regardless if they’re here at Lansing Catholic or another high school, are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure from society that anything goes.”

Since every person at Lansing Catholic school is subject to drug testing, Lansing set a new bar for the rest of the state. “We never expect the students to do something that we are not willing to do.”

Positive tests will result in treatment plans and a parent meeting. On a fifth offense the student would face expulsion.

Some parents have voiced concern over privacy rights but the school is moving forward with mandatory tests at the beginning of the school year and random testing throughout the remainder of the year.