The Sue Weaver CAUSE

The Sue Weaver CAUSE was developed by the sister of Sue Weaver – murdered in her home by a contracted worker who had access to her because she hired him through a reputable company.


The Sue Weaver CAUSE (Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment) seeks to bring attention to the fact that contract laborers are rarely screening for violent or sexual criminal pasts. The fight for consumer awareness, legislation, and standardized  minimum background checks of all service employees.


As it stands, there are no laws – federal or state – that require companies to do criminal background checks on contractors or sub-contracted workers that they then send into your home.


What is Susan Weave CAUSE Certification?


CAUSE Certification requires ANNUAL background screens following CAUSE minimum screening standards on all employees, contractors, and subcontractors. They determined these CAUSE standards from survey results asking background screening professionals: “What minimum screening should be conducted on someone going into the home of your elderly mother, pregnant wife, or physically challenged niece?”


CAUSE Certification improves risk management, minimizes liability, reduces negligent hiring, promotes consumer safety and builds competitive advantage.