Boston Firefighters to Be Drug Tested

Boston Mayor - Thomas M. Menino fought against the proposed raise for Boston firefighters and lost.

The firefighters are set to receive a 19% raise, the largest of any of the city's unions over the term of the contract. Mayor Menino demanded that the firefighters be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings. He also proposed limits on sick leave.

It is known that pre-employment drug testing used without a consistant random program means more drug users and more drug abuse in the workplace. Mayor Menino's insistance on such a program will prove important on keeping drug abuse out of the firefighting force.

The firefighters were not opposed to the random drug testing, as stated by BFD Union President, Ed Kelly, "I've told the mayor to his face, on television, radio and elsewhere, Boston firefighters are committed to doing random drug testing. We just want a fair policy for our members."

With the 19% pay increase, the random drug testing program passed.