How Not to Get Hired

What does it take to land that coveted position at the company you long to work for? The answer is complex and not easy, but it does include a combination of timing, education, experience, and personality. You may be ruled out for that position by making a simple mistake without even being aware of it. First impressions are important!

Your resume is the beginning point of your job search – the typical resume is chronological listing your most recent job first. This is the job your new potential employer will focus on first. Your resume should be honest and reveal your competencies. If you think the hiring manager won’t be looking for indiscrepancies (and that they won’t see them) you are sorely mistaken. Gaps in employment, embellished accomplishments, and inflated levels of education all catch the hiring manager’s eye and subject your resume to closer scrutiny.

Many companies complete a criminal background check and reference checks before extending you the position. It’s best to be honest and disclose any issues that might turn up – job seekers tend to take for granted that their references will give them a positive review. Always ask your references for their permission to utilize their name and contact information, and ask if their review will be a positive one.

The competition for jobs is fierce, the hiring process will go much smoother if you use common sense when searching for employment – be honest, be competent, and you’ll be a much more desirable candidate.