Census Bureau Changes Screening Standards

As we wrote earlier, the Census Bureau hired a convicted sex offender to knock on doors in New Jersey. USA Today reported an undercover video depicting Census supervisors paying their workers for hours they did not work.

Now, the Census Bureau has changed some of the standards for screening potential employees: “No hire will be allowed into the field without passing a fingerprint process,” Census Director Robert Groves said, “any name check that discovers a mismatch between name, date of birth, sex, or Social Security number…will stop processing of applicant.”

The New Jersey sex offender was hired prior to his fingerprint check being returned. Another case in Indiana describes a Census taker who was allegedly involved in a burglary and rape even though he passed a background check with no criminal history.

Groves went on, “Starting immediately, whenever new information is obtained about criminal activities of our staff, immediate action will be taken.”

More often than not, however, it is the Census taker that is a victim with more than 100 incidents of assaults or attacks against Census workers including shootings, robberies, and carjackings. Seven Census workers have been killed in Car accidents and one was murdered off duty.