Keeping Identity Theft in Check

Target stores, CVS Photo Centers, Costco Photo Centers, UCLA Health, Experian, Neiman Marcus, LifeLock, Ashley Madison and even the Federal Government are just some of the organizations recently targeted by hackers who successfully breached their security protocols and accessed their online data.

Some of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will no doubt make its way into the hands of those who wish to use it fraudulently. Hackers target all types of organziation in the hopes of obtaining high levels of PII: not just the Social Security Number, but addresses, email addresses, photos, dates of birth, and answers to security questions all in the vein of trying to better pretend to become the victim/consumer.

While this long list of targeted organizations continues to grow, organizations must recognize that information technology and information secuirty are a fundamental component necessary to conduct business in this day and age. Until then, consumers who utilize electronic are subject to becoming victims at any point.

Employers are also subject to becoming the victim of identity theft. Identity thieves can seek gainful employment using the identity of someone else. Employers who use old methods of identity verification expose themselves to real risk. 

Most screening companies, including Liberty Screening, offer a suite of identity verification services from credit bureau records checks, to E-Verify for employment authorization. Only a handful can provide Social Security Verification as a pre-employment tool to verify the validity of SSNs.

Credit bureau data is an excellent way to determine if the SSN was validly issued, but this is a tool primarily used to glean historical information about where a person has lived, or if the person has known alias names, all of which are vital tools to conducting in-depth background checks.

E-Verify works only after an individual has been hired. 

Liberty Screening has pioneered the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) service offered by the Social Security Administration. This service accesses the Social Security Administrations database to verify that the SSN was issued to the person whose name and date of birth match the records at SSA. In an effort to help companies and individuals protect themselves, Liberty is proud to offer this innovative solution to our client-base, nationwide.