TSA Increasing Screening for Airport and Airline Employees

Four months ago, federal authorities discovered a baggage handler for Delta Air Lines was part of an alleged gun smuggling ring, prompting the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to evaluate and tighten their screening regulations for airport and airline workers. In a separate incident, a Federal Aviation Administration employee used his badge to access a secure area of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, flying to New York with a gun in his carry-on luggage.

TSA's Aviation Security Advisory Committee was immediately consulted to recommend remedies following the incidents. Jeh Johnson, Department of Homeland Security, announced that beginning immediately, airport and airline employees travelling as passengers may no longer bypass the security other passengers must go through to board. All passengers, other than on-duty pilots and crew, are now subject to security screening.

In additions, airports are required to limit the number of access points to secure areas. Airport employees will be subject to random screening throughout the workday; TSA may send unannounced teams to perform random screens at any time. TSA is also working closely with the FBI to perform continuous criminal history searches on all aviation workers.