New Hampshire Eases Licensing Restrictions

New Hampshire passed House Bill 1368, easing the process to obtain a license to engage in a profession or occupation with prior criminal convictions. Beginning January 1, 2015, the new bill amends previous NH statues by inserting a new section, RSA ξ 332-G:10.

The addition eases the consequences of prior convictions for those who apply for a NH license. It eases additional restrictions, over and above the direct consequences of the actual conviction: incarcerations, fines or probation. Regulatory boards are prohibited from denying a license to any person solely because of a prior conviction. It applies to licenses, certificates, and registrations granted for any occupation, trade, vocation, profession or business. The addition prohibits the suspension, renewal, or revocation of a license, certification or registration based solely on a prior conviction.

Denial, suspension, and revocation of a license may be made because of a prior conviction after consideration of the nature of the crime, and whether there is substantial and direct relationship to the occupation, trade, vocation or profession. The licensing authority may consider information about the rehabilitation of the convicted person and the amount of time which has passed since the conviction or release.

House Bill 1368