USCIS Seeks to Revise Form I-9 (Again)

Though USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) only recently revised the Form I-9, there are rumblings that a new revision will be implemented. The I-9 form must be completed by all employers to verify the employment eligibility of every new hire. The modifications made the form earlier this included an expansion from one to two pages, additional data fields, such as the new hire's email address, and enhanced instructions. The newest version of the form was deployed as of May 7, 2013.

In an email sent on August 5th, USCIS announced that it is developing a new verion of the I-9 "that contains enhancements designed to assist employers in complying with the law and reducing errors employers and employees commonly make when completing Form I-9."

USCIS sought input on these enhancements from nine randomly selected public employers to assist with their study.