Ask Yourself - Can Your Company Pass an Audit?

Liberty Screening specializes in providing E-Verify and electronic Form I9 services to many of our clients. They are provided not just the ease and sensibility of performing these tasks electronically, they are provided an extensive support system that ensures they are legally compliant with each and every candidate, each and every time.

Our partner, Form I9, helps keep you compliant and provides searchable records of each Form I9 issued for each new-hire. Ask yourself the questions below, and if you find yourself unable or if you answer No to any of the questions below, please, contact Liberty today:


Do you have a current I9 or E-Verify provider?
Do you know if your existing I9 records are compliant?
Can you provide all I9 records within the 72 hour timeframe required in the event of an ICE audit?
Have your recently completed an external audit of your current I9 records?
Are you missing any I9 records?
Are you updating expiring work documents as required in Section 3?
Are you purging your I9 records based on the DHS retention requirements?