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2021-06-30 Michigan Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction
2020-12-17 Court Closures - North Eastern States - Winter Storm
2020-11-11 COVID-19 - Delays / Court Closures
2020-10-04 Work Number pass through fee
2020-05-13 COVID-19 Stanford National Daily Health Survey
2019-06-28 Effective July 1st, 2019 Oregon MVR state fee increase.
2019-06-24 Effective July 1st, 2019 Pennsylvania MVR state fee increase.
2019-04-12 New York Office of Court Administration Search Fee Increased effective 4/13/2019
2019-04-04 New York Office of Court Administration Search Fee Increase
2018-09-21 CFPB Updates Summary of Rights
2018-09-12 Hurricane Florence - Possible Delays
2017-12-20 2018 PHMSA minimum random rates increased.
2017-04-25 E-Verify and a Potential Government Shutdown Alert
2017-04-10 NYC Bans Past Pay Inquiries
2017-04-04 Washington DC - Use of Credit Reports
2017-02-21 Revisions to DOT Drug Testing Regulations
2017-02-17 Changes to South Carolina Worker's Compensation Claim Search Policy
2017-02-09 Urgent Client Message: Delays in Licking County, OH
2017-01-06 Weather Service Advisory - Winter Storm Warning Eastern US
2016-12-19 Notification of Price Increase Affecting Various Physical Exams
2016-12-07 Revised Form I-9 and Section 1 Changes
2016-10-25 City of North Las Vegas Bans the Box
2016-10-24 Massachusetts Enacts Law Prohibiting Past Salary Inquiries
2016-10-19 Nueces County, Texas - UPDATE - Court System Operational
2016-10-12 Delays in Nueces County, Texas
2016-09-23 E-Verify - Interruption of Services
2016-09-21 Notice of Virginia State Fee Increase
2016-09-06 Michigan State Fee Increase
2016-08-18 Santa Clara CA - Court Clerks Return to Work
2016-08-03 Court Clerk Strike may cause delays in reporting records located in Santa Clara county, Califonia
2016-07-19 OSHA Rule May Eliminate Post-Accident Testing
2016-07-12 Delays in Rockwall County, Texas
2016-07-11 Fixing Turnaround Times in Virginia
2016-06-30 Colorado Repeals State Employment Verification Requirement
2016-06-22 ALERT Regarding San Mateo County, CA
2016-06-16 Vermont Ban the Box - UPDATE
2016-06-15 Connecticut Bans the Box
2016-06-14 The City of Sarasota, Florida Bans the Box
2016-06-13 Louisiana Bans the Box
2016-05-25 Delays in Bossier County - Louisiana
2016-05-17 The State of Vermont Bans the Box
2016-04-19 LabCorp Houston Laboratory Testing DELAYS due to Weather
2016-04-04 Iron County, Michigan Raises Court Access Fee
2016-03-10 Harris County Delays Due to Court System Maintenance
2016-02-25 Annual Power Systems Maintenance
2016-01-27 New Hampshire State Motor Vehicle Report Fee Increases
2016-01-22 Drug Test Collection Sites - Eastern US Major Winter Storm Advisory
2015-12-28 North Carolina State Fee Increase for Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)
2015-12-28 FMCSA Reduces Drug Testing Requirement for 2016
2015-11-30 Alaska Adds Court Access Fee
2015-11-17 Drug Test Collection Sites - Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
2015-10-23 Notice of Alaska MVR State Fee Increase
2015-10-20 California Governor Vetoes Bills Impacting Employers and Their Hiring Process
2015-10-06 California Restricts Employer Use of E-Verify
2015-09-21 Philadelphia Closures During Papal Visit to the City
2015-09-21 New York City Credit Restrictions
2015-09-01 National Student Clearinghouse - Rate Increase
2015-08-26 Notice of Delaware Motor Vehicle Report - State Fee Increase
2015-08-10 Michigan Un-Bans the Box
2015-08-05 Delayed Processing of Pennsylvania MVR Request - UPDATE
2015-08-04 Web-Based Disclosures Allowed in California
2015-07-28 Delayed Processing of Pennsylvania MVR Requests
2015-07-24 Pennsylvania Amends Background Certification Requirements
2015-07-20 Delays in Tehama County, California
2015-07-17 Collection Sites - Utah, July 25, 2015
2015-07-16 Delays In Jefferson County, AR
2015-07-15 Nevada Amends Its Consumer Reporting Law
2015-07-14 Eid Holiday Notice - International Criminal Records Delays
2015-07-06 Notice of Louisiana Driver Record State Fee Increase
2015-07-06 Pennsylvania House Bill 1276 Passes
2015-06-30 E-Verify and Form I-9 Schedule Maintenance
2015-06-30 Oregon Governor "Bans the Box"
2015-06-29 New York City Bans the Box and More...
2015-06-25 LabCorp & Quest Patient Service Centers (PSCs)
2015-06-19 E-Verify Checking North Dakota Driver's Licenses and ID Cards
2015-06-18 Cook County, IL Limits Credit Checks for Employment Purposes
2015-06-17 Drug Test Positivity Rate in the Workplace Increases
2015-06-10 Department of Transportation Issues New Guidebook for Employers
2015-06-01 Mayor de Blasio Approves Restrictions on Employer Use of Credit History
2015-05-26 E-Verify Outage for May 27th, 2015
2015-05-15 E-Verify Outage for May 17, 2015
2015-04-29 Pennsylvania State Fee Increase for Motor Vehicle Records
2015-04-28 E-Verify Outage for May 3rd, 2015
2015-04-27 Services Suspended - Nepal
2015-04-24 Montana Limits Access to Social Media Accounts
2015-04-17 New York City Council Passes Bill to Ban Credit Checks
2015-04-09 E-VERIFY Outage for April 8-9, 2015
2015-03-30 Minnesota Court System Operational
2015-03-30 FCRA Disclosures - Know Your Responsibilities
2015-03-26 Minnesota Trail Court Public Access - County Index Back Online
2015-03-25 Iran Limited Criminal Record Check Suspended
2015-03-17 Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Temporarily Suspended
2015-03-04 House Committee Approves E-Verify Bill Requiring all US Employers to Verify
2015-02-18 Patient Service Centers - Winter Storm in Research Triangle Park, NC
2015-02-11 Carnival of Brazil - Expect Delays
2015-02-11 Chinese New Year - Expect Delays
2015-02-11 Oregon County Court System Upgrade - Expect Delays
2015-02-06 E-Verify Begins Checking Driver's Licenses and ID Cards from Nebraska
2015-01-20 Chicago Bans the Box
2015-01-09 Montgomery County, Maryland Bans the Box
2014-12-16 Columbia City, Missouri Bans the Box
2014-12-08 State of Alabama to Increase Access Fee for Motor Vehicle Reports
2014-11-18 IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Oregon Courts Upgrading System - Outages Expected
2014-10-13 Ban The Box - Washington DC, Illinois & New Jersey
2014-09-08 Washington DC Bans the Box
2014-09-04 New Jersey Bans the Box
2014-09-03 E-Verify Outage for US Passports
2014-08-23 Quest Diagnostic System Enhancements
2014-08-12 New Hampshire Mandates Drug Free Workplace Policy for Health Care Providers
2014-08-11 Baltimore - City Law Limits Employee Criminal Record Check, Banning the Box
2014-07-01 Posting and Notice Requirements for New York’s Article 23-A
2014-05-21 Oregon counties will be down between May 16th - May 23rd
2014-05-16 Expunged Records Off Limits in Washington
2014-05-15 New Criminal Background Check Requirements for Home Care and Assisted Living in Virginia
2014-05-14 Expunged Records Off Limits in Tennessee
2014-05-14 Georgia Enacts Offender Reentry Reforms
2014-05-13 Multnomah County, OR will be unavailable May 12, 2014 through May 27, 2014
2014-05-07 Advisory: Arkansas MVR State Fee Change
2014-04-30 San Francisco Law Limits Employer Background Checks
2014-04-28 Colorado Amends Law Limiting Credit Reports
2014-04-26 Louisville, Kentucky Bans-the-Box for City Vendors
2014-04-24 LabCorp Occupational Testing Services - Scheduled Unavailability
2014-04-23 Metro Court Unavailable for Bernalillo, NM
2014-04-17 Indiana Makes Technical Correction Affecting Criminal History Providers
2014-04-09 Oregon Passes Legislation About Abuse of Vulnerable Adults
2014-04-08 Indianapolis and Marion County Ban the Box
2014-04-08 New York Restricts Access to Some Misdemeanor Records
2014-03-27 Pennsylvania MVR State Fee Increasing
2014-01-24 Patient Service Center Closings Due to Winter Storms
2014-01-22 Oklahoma Implements New Regulations for Criminal History Background Checks
2014-01-20 FMCSA Extension of Paper Medical Certificate Requirement
2014-01-17 Senate Bill Limiting Credit Reports Proposed
2013-12-02 USCIS Introduces Social Security Number Locking Feature for E-Verify
2013-10-24 Illinois Bans the Box for State Hiring
2013-10-24 California Bans the Box for Government Employees
2013-10-02 Court Delays in Washington DC
2013-10-01 Government Shutdown - Consent Based Social Security Number Verification
2013-10-01 Government Shutdown May Impact E-Verify
2013-09-03 Wisconsin - MVR State Fee Change
2013-08-23 Kansas - MVR State Fee Change
2013-07-26 Alabama - MVR State Fee Change
2013-06-07 Nevada Restricts the Use of Consumer Credit Reports
2013-05-30 Minnesota - Ban the Box Law Explained
2013-05-01 Colorado Bans Use of Credit Information for Employment Purposes
2013-04-03 California State Budget Purposes Service Fee on Court Document Searches
2013-03-25 Good Friday Closings
2013-03-08 IMPORTANT: Newly Revised Form I-9
2013-03-06 DC Courts Closed due to Weather
2013-03-06 Jackson County, OR Computer Maintenance
2013-03-02 Hawaii Begins Charging Court Access Fees
2013-02-09 Patient Service Center Closings Due to Winter Storm
2013-01-25 E-Verify Production Outage - January 27, 2013
2013-01-18 Courts and CHR Offices Closed for MLK Day
2012-11-05 Hurricane Sandy - East Coast Criminal Courts and Drug Test Collection Sites
2012-10-30 Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy Impact
2012-10-16 E-Verify Experiencing Technical Difficulties
2012-09-20 E-Verify System Technical Difficulties
2012-09-05 ADVISORY - Washington State MVR State Fee Change
2012-08-29 Court Access Fees - Plumas County, CA
2012-08-28 WEATHER ADVISORY - Hurricane Isaac
2012-08-21 E-VERIFY INFORMATION: I-94 Processing 8/15/2012 - 10/1/2012
2012-07-14 E-Verify Scheduled Maintenance: July 14-15
2012-06-30 ADVISORY - Vermont MVR State Fee Change
2012-06-13 ADVISORY: Massachusetts Statewide
2012-06-13 Important Information Regarding Maryland Alcohol Testing
2012-06-13 E-Verify and Form I-9 SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: Thursday, June 14th
2012-05-31 E-Verify System Access Issues - May 31st, 2012
2012-05-24 ADVISORY - Oregon MVR State Fee Change
2012-05-21 LabCorp PSC Service Bulletin
2012-05-14 E-Verify System Now Available - UPDATE
2012-05-11 ADVISORY - Florida MVR Service Restored
2012-05-10 ADVISORY - MRO Services Temporarily Down
2012-05-10 ADVISORY - Florida MVR Service Down
2012-05-03 Questions and Answers About the EEOC’s Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII
2012-04-26 Kansas Courts
2012-04-26 Unplanned E-Verify Outage
2012-04-26 Maryland - Motor Vehicle Report State Fee
2011-08-26 Hurricane Irene Advisory - Delays Possible
2011-08-04 LabCorp PSC Service Bulletin - Florissant, MO
2011-07-27 LabCorp PSC Service Bulletin - Kisco, NY
2011-07-25 ADVISORY - Colorado MVR Service
2011-07-14 LabCorp PSC Closures - Chicago Area UPDATE 3
2011-07-13 IMPORTANT: Changes to FCRA Adverse Action Notices (Credit Reports Only)
2011-07-13 LabCorp PSC Closures - Chicago Area UPDATE 2
2011-07-12 LabCorp PSC Closures - Chicago Area UPDATE
2011-07-11 LabCorp PSC Closures - Chicago Area
2011-07-11 LabCorp Temporary PSC Closures
2011-06-30 LabCorp PSC Closure
2011-06-10 Alabama Governor Signs Toughest Immigration Law in the Country
2011-06-08 Indiana E-Verify Law
2011-06-02 Tornadoes Hit Across Massachusetts
2011-04-29 LabCorp Weather Related Closures
2011-04-02 E-Verify Outage this Weekend
2011-03-23 Quest Mobile PSC Locator App
2011-02-09 LabCorp - Temporary PSC Closure WICHITA, KS
2011-02-07 LabCorp Patient Policy Regarding MINORS
2011-02-02 Indiana and Michigan Weather Related LabCorp PSC Closures
2011-02-02 Chicago, IL Area Weather Related LabCorp Patient Service Center Closures
2011-01-27 Weather Service Advisory
2011-01-12 Mid-Atlantic Storms: LabCorp Patient Service Centers Continue to Operate in Limited Capacity
2011-01-12 Massachusetts Courts Closed Today
2011-01-11 Weather Affects MRO Results
2011-01-11 Mid-Atlantic Winter Storm Closes LabCorp Facilities in Region
2010-10-20 Fire at Allegheny County - PA Courthouse Causes Delay
2010-10-19 Nevada Layoffs Affecting Criminal Records Research
2010-08-19 Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles - RESTORED
2010-07-27 County Court Closures - New Hampshire (MERRIMACK COUNTY)
2010-07-16 Expect Delays on Criminal Records in Lowndes County, Georgia
2010-07-16 E-Verify System Down July 18, 2010
2010-06-26 E-Verify Downtimes
2010-06-15 E-Verify Still Significantly Slow
2010-06-11 E-Verify Scheduled Maintenance
2010-06-04 Dallas County - RESTORED
2010-06-04 Dallas County - TX: DELAYED
2010-05-26 New Hampshire Furlough Notice
2010-05-18 Merrimack District Court Moving - New Hampshire
2010-05-14 USCIS To Issue Redesigned Green Card
2010-05-04 Updated E-Verify Law: UTAH
2010-04-24 New Hampshire Judicial Branch Furloughs
2010-04-24 Arizona MVR State Fee Change


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