Nevada Layoffs Affecting Criminal Records Research

Clark County in Nevada layed of 109 employees shortly after the Fourth of July. County officials hope the layoffs will help balance the budget. 50 part-time employees also lost their jobs.

The layoffs followed attempts to determine potential savings from ongoing union contract negotiations.

A total of 260 positions were eliminated, 109 of which were filled.

The moved expects to save the county about $28 million in general fund expenses. The jobs eliminated were 11 of the assessor's office, seven from business licensing, two from the clerk's office, 14 from the commission/county manager's office, three from Comprehensive Planning Department, one from the coroner, three from the Fire Department, eight from Parks and Recreation Department, one from the public defender's office, two from the public guardian, seven from the Public Works Department, 20 from real property management, four from the recorder's office, and four from Social Services Department. Another 27 targeted jobs are nongeneral fund positions.

Liberty has seen substantial slow-downs in this county due the layoffs. If your candidate has records in Clark County, NV please be patient. The estimated time for records to be returned is 7 - 14 days, though we have seen it take longer.