OK Cupid Launches Background Checks

A popular free dating site, OK Cupid, caved to consumer demands for background checks on potential partners met online.

Over 20 million Americans subscribe to dating sites, of which there are over 1,500.

Sites like MyMatchChecker.com offer users a background check in exchange for small fees. Many people subscribe to the free "Google" variety search, but those who use a date-check service can rest assured the person they are meeting for the first time is safe.

Other sites automatically crosscheck their users' data with public records assuring their potential mates that they aren't already married.

Sometimes, however, these types of services give users a false sense of security as all background checks are not foolproof. People can easily create profiles with alias names, with incorrect birthdates to avoid being found out.

The best approach to take is always one of safety - meet in public places and always proceed with caution despite the "amazing connection" you may or may not have felt with the new individual.

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