New Hires Lie About Education Histories

It is well known that many job seekers embellish their resumes – enhance their previous job titles, or upgrade their pay scale, but when it comes to their education history – they will downright lie.

In most cases, their claim to having earned a higher education may not be a total invention. They may have actually been enrolled in the university or college listed on their resume, but they failed to graduate.

Worse still, and just as common, are the job seekers who claim to have graduated from a college or university they never enrolled it. These types of candidates will use any type of college or university – and there are thousands of them. They have no shame in selecting well known, or even Ivy League schools; they will select lesser known schools or even select diploma mills with similar names to well-known large universities.

Diploma mills are especially dangerous because they will provide an education verification – they will provide dates attended and what subject was studied. It’s important to review all material presented to you in their resume and references – though these types of job seekers do represent the minority, they are out there and they are getting more courageous as the materials and tools for their deceit become more and more sophisticated.

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