"Company rejected my offer - employment verification issue!"

"Looks like I may not be moving to SV since I made a mistake on dates for my application and they turned me down. Even after providing W-2s. Why are companies so hard on this by dates, like I don't remember exactly what month I left a contract from over 3 years ago!"

Posted by "sjenner" on www.dice.com, the community of dice offered their sympathies to the user, who had already begun the relocation process to SV. However, it appears that something was amiss during the verification process.

"sjenner" assumes it was the dates of employment, his bad memory, that struck a chord with the company, and subsequently, his demise, however, employers are typically aware that people guess-timate their dates, especially on older employments. Instead, they see discrepancies on the dates as a red flag, and too many little red flags can mean a retraction of an offer.

What "sjenner" never states is whether their employment over the last several years was consistent, whether there were any reported gaps in that employment, and how far off they reported their dates of employment.

"sjenner" did receive some great advice - to request a copy of the background check. The investigation will give "sjenner" the details of his employment verification including the actual dates of employment so for future job applications, they can get it right.

There has been no update as to whether "sjenner" got the job as of this blog post.

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