Census Bureau Performing Background Checks

The Census Bureau will be hiring over 1 million temporary employees to assist in the 2010 population count. With unemployment rates at all time highs, the opportunity for employment is precious.


The Bureau will be enforcing strict background checks on each of those employees, leaving about 50 million American’s with criminal records out of the employment pool.


Applicants who were turned down for employment have banded together to file a class-action lawsuit. They claim that they failed a background check through the FBI, a notoriously unreliable database. A 2006 federal report found that half of the records in the database were inaccurate or out of date.


The Census Bureau also has vague standards for ineligibility. They suggest that they are excluding people who have been convicted of crimes for violence or dishonesty, yet the website suggests any applicants with any arrest receive letters request official court documentation to prove eligibility.


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